The Health Reflex

Corporate Foundation Program- 4 Weeks


How to Measure your Waist and Hips

Instructions for measuring your waist and hips

  • Use a soft measuring tape.
  • Take measurements either unclothed or in form fitting clothes e.g., gym gear.
  • Stand up straight in front of a mirror to position the measuring tape correctly.
  • If possible, get someone to help you take the measurements. Relax your tummy muscles.
  • Record the measurements to the nearest half centimeter.

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Welcome To Corporate Wellness Program 4-weeks

Employee Benefits:

  • 1:1 70-minute comprehensive individual health consultations, to understand unique health profile
  • weekly group educational seminars, with the delivery of 4 THR Toolkits
  • therapeutic meal plans
  • personalised treatment plans with health goals personalised weekly dietary and lifestyle strategies
  • 4 x 15-minute individual wellness coaching & support via phone/zoom at the end of each week, to ensure progress.
  • private community support forum personalised end-of-program report for continued wellbeing.

Course Program

Week 1
Live Welcome Webinar
Therapeutic Meal Plan (TMP) mp4
Therapeutic Meal Plan Recipe Book Pdf
Video – Neuroplasticity – the art of learning
Tool Kit 1, downloadable PDF
Video – Why Good Nutrition is Key to Good Mental Health & the Gut-Brain-Axis
Tool Kit 2, downloadable PDF
Week 2
Video – Blood Glucose Levels & ATP Energy v. Stress Energy
Tool Kit 3, downloadable PDF
Video – Understanding Obstacles, Challenges & Triggers
Tool Kit 4, downloadable PDF
Week 3
Video – Why Good Digestion is so Important for Physical & Mental Wellbeing
Tool Kit 5, downloadable PDF
Video – Embracing Stress: Thriving with Positive Stress Adaptation
Tool Kit 6, downloadable PDF
Week 4
Video – Beyond Stress: Adrenal Fatigue, HPA Dysfunction & Burnout
Tool Kit 7, downloadable PDF
Video – Longevity & Healthy Ageing: Why should I care about this now?
Tool Kit 8, downloadable PDF
1:1 Zoom (30mins)
Week 5
Life after the Health Reflex: Strategies on How to Socialise and Live in the Real World
Listen to Jo and Kath on where to from here
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  • Course Certificate

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